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Metabolic Switch

Metabolic Switch
Ketone Ester Fuel
Metabolic Switch Drink
It’s ketosis in a bottle. Metabolic switch puts your body into deep, nutritional ketosis for several hours, which supports metabolic health, energy and mental clarity.

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Our Mission

To inspire and equip the world to reimagine a lifetime.

Our Approach

To disrupt people's beliefs about what it means to age by developing science-backed therapies that extend both healthspan and lifespan.

Our Commitment

To give you the tools and knowledge you need to take charge of your own aging journey.

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Inspire and equip the world to reimagine a lifetime.
At Juvenescence, we’re on a mission to transform what aging means to the world. That’s why we built a coalition of the best scientists, physicians, and investors to create cutting-edge therapies and products that will empower people to chart their own path forward. So we're not just reimagining what it means to get older — we’re committed to helping you reimagine your lifetime.