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Aging & Cognition

Incidence, Persistence, and Remission Rates of Insomnia Over 5 Years

By Charles M. Morin, PhD, Denise C. Jarrin, PhD, Hans ivers, PhD et al

Sleep patterns impact physical health, mental health and healthy aging. Despite its pervasiveness and adverse consequences, more people suffer from insomnia than we think. Yet insomnia often remains unrecognized and untreated. Few studies have been conducted to study the disorder over a long period of time.

This research aimed to estimate the incidence, persistence and remission rates of insomnia and to document the most common insomnia trajectories over a 5-year period. The findings are insightful on many levels, asking whether whether early interventions could alter morbidity in the long term.

View the full peer-reviewed scientific paper at JAMA Network.
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