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Taking your ketone ester beverage

Getting going with Metabolic Switch:

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Four Steps to Ketosis
Refrigerate to help with taste
Like all ketone esters, Metabolic Switch has a strong taste, but we’ve found that drinking it cold makes a big difference. So, don’t forget to refrigerate your Switch in advance!
Start with only ½ a bottle
It might take your body a few days to adapt to this new macronutrient, and it might take you a few days to adapt to the “keto buzz.” Start small to ease into the adoption process!
Take it with food and a chaser
Has taking vitamins or medicine on an empty stomach ever made you feel queasy? We recommend taking your Switch with food to help your body adapt to and absorb the ketone ester.
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I usually take mine on Mondays with my morning coffee. I like knowing that I’m putting my body into ketosis and giving it a nice boost after the weekend. It always helps me push through the Monday-blues.
Jessica G.
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Commonly Asked Questions

Just like when you add a new food to your diet, your body may need time to adapt to this new macronutrient. That’s why we recommend starting with just a ½ bottle per day and taking it with food. After a few days (3-5), you’ll get used to feeling that “keto buzz” and to the taste.
The best time to take it is the time that works best for you! Some people like to take Metabolic Switch with their morning coffee. Others like to use it as a nice afternoon energy boost. The more you can incorporate Metabolic Switch into your day-to-day routine, the better!
That’s up to you! Some people like to be in ketosis daily. Others will take it a few times a week. Find the routine that works best for you, and stick with it!
Ketone esters are kinda like cough syrup -- if you can't taste them, they’re not working… We recommend keeping your metabolic switch in the fridge, and chasing with something like coffee or bubble gum to help with the taste. Don’t worry -- you’ll get used to it after a few days!
Ketones are a highly effective source of energy, so many users notice heightened energy and focus -- what we call a “keto buzz.” Not feeling anything? No worries! All of our clinical research has shown that you’re still getting the benefits, whether you feel it or not.
Metabolic Switch is a C6 Ketone Di-ester beverage. One 2.5oz shot quickly puts your body into ketosis that lasts for several hours. Ketosis is the state when your body is producing ketones for fuel, generating substantial energy from fatty acids in mitochondria instead of glucose or carbohydrates through glycolysis. When your body cannot rely on traditional sources of energy (like when you are fasting or practicing a low-carb diet), it instead burns fat to create ketones, an alternate energy source that is proven to be especially beneficial for metabolic health. This is called being in ketosis. Metabolic Switch helps your body create ketones that are bio-identical to the ones your body creates naturally, to support a strong and healthy metabolism.