Our Organization FoxBio, Inc.
Our Organization FoxBio, Inc.
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FoxBio, Inc.

We can now develop drugs that target the pathways of aging, as well as the progression of several age-associated diseases.

FoxBio, Inc. is a joint partnership between Juvenescence and Antoxerene, a subsidiary of growing discovery/preclinical CRO Ichor Therapeutics. The company is focused on developing small molecule senolytics targeting a major survival pathway relied on by senescent cells.

Cellular senescence is an irreversible arrest in cell proliferation that occurs in response to severe stresses, including telomere shortening, oncogene activation, DNA damage, and oxidative stress. Senescent cells remain metabolically active and secrete inflammatory molecules, termed the senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP), which are linked to many diseases of aging.

Ichor Therapeutics, Inc. is a premier, vertically integrated contract research organization that provides pre-clinical research services for aging pathways. Antoxerene works to identify and develop novel compounds to attack disease related to aging. Juvenescence will support the venture with equity financing and drug development expertise.

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