Our Organization Napa Therapeutics, Ltd.
Our Organization Napa Therapeutics, Ltd.
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Napa Therapeutics, Ltd.

Napa Therapeutics, Ltd. is a very important first step in Juvenescence’s model to create collaborations between basic scientists and drug developers.

Napa Therapeutics, Ltd. is a discovery-stage company focused on NAD+ metabolism. There is ample evidence that NAD+ depletion is a key feature of aging. Napa’s core IP will surround a novel target within NAD+ metabolism to increase levels of NAD+ within the tissue.

Napa Therapeutics has engaged Insilico Medicine to identify small molecule modulators of an undisclosed target highlighted in Dr. Eric Verdin's research. Dr. Verdin studies the relationship between aging and different nutritional conditions, specifically how obesity, calorie restriction, fasting and ketogenic diet influence immune responses.

Napa Therapeutics is a spinout from The Buck Institute for Research on Aging partnering with Juvenescence.

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Napa Therapeutics

Juvenescence, The Buck Institute, and Insilico Medicine establish Napa Therapeutics

.Juvenescence, The Buck Institute for Research on Aging, and Insilico Medicine announced today that they have formed Napa Therapeutics, to develop drugs against a novel aging-related target.

August 14, 2018

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